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Option 1 – Fundamentals Class (check pricing and schedule)

Every new member of 336 CrossFit will need to go through our Fundamentals class. The focus of our training will always be proper technique and positioning. It is only after proper technique has been achieved can we begin to add weight and intensity, which will bring about the most positive adaptations. With that in mind, we require each new member to work through our fundamentals course to insure proper knowledge and performance of the foundational movements associated with CrossFit. During the fundamentals class a certified coach will lead you through the foundational movements and will prepare you to enter our group classes. Upon completion of the course you will have the knowledge and physical skills necessary to begin CrossFit training. Each class will end with a workout utilizing the skills acquired during that class.

Option 2 – One-on-One Fundamentals

The One-on-One Fundamentals class offers you the opportunity to work individually with one of our coaches to learn the proper technique for all of our foundational movements. You will learn all of the same things you will learn in the fundamentals class in a one-on-one environment and upon completion be prepared to enter our group classes.

– Team 336 crossfit


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